Fun interactive experiences empowering a child’s love of math to elevate their learning trajectory towards a bright future.

Fun Wise® Math creates engaging hands-on learning experiences so your child excels in math. Your child can experience customized 1-to-1 learning with online math tutoring or in-home math tutoring in Tampa.

In Home & Online Math Tutoring Tampa + Afterschool Math Classes

Math Classes

After school classes and Enrichment classes bring learning math to life through fun interactive games both online and onsite*. Weekly classes exercise your child’s mind AND body.

Math Online Tutoring Tampa Florida

Math Tutoring

Your child receives individualized attention online or in their home* to build confidence and a strong foundation in math facts.

In Home & Online Math Tutoring Tampa + Afterschool Math Classes

Math Field Trips

Online and Onsite* Field Trips create a fun unique experience for your child. Fun Wise® Math brings engaging games to your child’s school or organization.

* Tampa, FL Only (all in-home math tutoring is in Tampa, Florida)

“We are schooling from home this year and Ms. Carrie’s private math lessons have been a great way to stay on track in math class. She tailors her lessons to what my daughter is interested in (e.g. gemstones, marshmallows) and makes learning fun, active and engaging. She’s also very serious about social distancing, masks and sanitizing, so we feel safe working with her during this strange time.”

Proud Parent,
St. John’s Episcopal Day School

I Love Math Games

If you see other children struggling in math or really love math, should they take Fun Wise® Math lessons too? Yes, tell them to call Ms. Carrie.

Personalized Math Tutoring Plan Tampa Florida

Personalized Game Plan

Your child receives a personalized learning plan of fun activities to reach and exceed math achievement goals.

* Tampa, FL Only (all onsite math classes and field trips are in Tampa, Florida)

“Fun Wise Math is a great program for my son. Ms. Carrie incorporates math skills through dance and movement. My 3 year old doesn’t even realize it’s an educational program. He thinks it all fun and games. I highly recommend Fun Wise Math.”

Proud Parent,
Camp Doublemint Class

Important Questions & Answers

Who Is Fun Wise Math®?

We are child-focused company dedicated to improving math achievement by making learning fun and entertaining. When a child has fun, they engage, participate and want to learn more. Your family joins our community so we can be on the team driving your children’s on-going success. Learn more about the Fun Wise® Math methodology here

Why my child may be struggling in math?

Many kids struggle in math because the cookie-cutter curriculum learning model is not always the best for all children.  There are many factors like the pace of the curriculum where many children fall behind or more advanced students need to move more quickly.  Learning style may also be a factor that causes children to struggle in math.  More kinesthetic learners are challenged by the worksheet and drilling methods. There are multiple factors that could cause your child to fall behind or be bored.

Why is math so important at an early age?

Every parent dreams of their children becoming successful in life.  Math is such an important part that can impact college, scholarships, careers and future finances. Studies show that a solid foundation in number sense by 1st grade is reflected in greater success in middle school and beyond. Your child deserves the best start in life and to be set on a trajectory for a brighter future.  Fun Wise® Math is the authority for interactive learning experiences to connect children to the fun of learning math that changes a child’s life forever

Is Fun Wise® Math right for my children?

Do your children like fun activities?  Fun activities empower your children to engage in learning math to set them on a path for greater success.  Math tutoring, afterschool classes and field trips all incorporate the same unique methodology of learning math by playing games. Learn more about the Fun Wise® Math methodology here.

What are the benefits of the Fun Wise® Math programs?
  1. Instill a LOVE of math
  2. Build a strong foundation
  3. Boost Confidence
  4. Learning through FUN hands-on activities

How can we help your children succeed? Just ask us.

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