Why is Math Tutoring beneficial for all kids?

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Tutoring is more than learning math facts for your child. When  people think of math tutoring, most think it’s only for struggling students. In truth,  it can be so much more for every student. My views on math tutoring have changed drastically from my first time tutoring in college to the first time my child needed tutoring and what happened next. Here’s why. In college, I was tutoring children that were struggling in Calculus 1.  I was paid by [...]

Why Math is So Important for Your Child’s Future?

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This topic is near and dear to my heart.  When I was student teaching, I had a student that planned to be an actor.  “So why do I need to learn math?” was his question almost every day and he would create every excuse to try to get out of homework.  Many kids wonder, “Am I ever going to use math again?” Even more concerning is parents telling their kids that they will never need to use specific math [...]

Our Fun Wise® Journey

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Fun Wise® Math was inspired by my own children. My son was always a fast learner and even faster on his feet. Keeping him challenged academically has been my biggest struggle as a parent. Since preschool, my children have been enrolled in so many different activities to broaden their experiences and strengthen their skills. My son played soccer through middle school, Tae Kwon Do through 5th grade, music from preschool to high school starting with piano, viola and voice [...]