Level Up Your Child’s Learning with Fun Games!

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Play FUN math games and watch the learning begin. If there is one thing I know about kids, it’s that they love to play. Play sports, play video games, play imagination games, play board games, play, play, play! And the more they have fun playing the games, the more often they want to do it. Imaging doing the same with your child’s math skills. Leveling up the games they already love to include learning just revs up the memory [...]

What is Math Mindfulness®?

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What is Mindfulness? This is the first question kids answer while participating in the Math Mindfulness® programs.  Many answers include calm, yoga, deep breathing, focus, meditation and relaxation.  In today’s world, this is how most people think of being mindful. However, mindful is actually being present or aware in the moment.  (See the definition in the downloadable Mini-Poster). Can you be mindful when you are skydiving, scuba diving, bike riding with the family or baking in the kitchen? Yes! Being [...]

Prevent A Summer Slide By Adding Fun

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   Oh, those lazy days of summer.  For many kids, summer is second only to their birthday when it comes to the giddy anticipation over the long break ahead.  Summer is a time when a child’s math proficiency can be on a slippery slide as well.  Add that to the after-effects of learning during the COVID pandemic, and the challenges at home could be compounded this summer.  The Northwest Evaluation Association's MAP Growth assessment predicts that summer slide and COVID [...]