What is Math Mindfulness®?

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What is Mindfulness? This is the first question kids answer while participating in the Math Mindfulness® programs.  Many answers include calm, yoga, deep breathing, focus, meditation and relaxation.  In today’s world, this is how most people think of being mindful. However, mindful is actually being present or aware in the moment.  (See the definition in the downloadable Mini-Poster). Can you be mindful when you are skydiving, scuba diving, bike riding with the family or baking in the kitchen? Yes! Being [...]

Olympic Dreams = Fun Math Moments

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The Summer Olympics in Tokyo kick off on July 23, 2021 and demonstrate the efforts of incredible athletes in their sport.  But, guess what?  The Olympics relies on math to determine the winners.  How would you know which athlete was the fastest?  Who threw the farthest?  Who scored the most?  Who broke a world record?  Math is everywhere in the Olympic Games, and they offer a perfect opportunity to sharpen a child's math skills this summer. It's a numbers game. [...]