The World is Spinning with Statistics

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The World is Spinning with Statistics Every April, the world celebrates Math Awareness Month and this year’s theme is “Mathematics and Statistics keep the World Spinning”.  To bring the theme to life, I decided to focus on the statistics aspect and share some fun facts (stats) and activities for you to do with your kids. The last couple of years have truly brought about the importance of statistics and how often we see them in our daily lives.  Statistics is [...]

Pi Day Party

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Seven Fun Activities to Celebrate Pi Day! Pi Day 3.14. Math enthusiasts around the world celebrate  every March 14th like it a national holiday.  This day became one of my family’s favorites after celebrating it with my children at their middle school and it opened my eyes on how to make math even more fun for my family and our Fun Wise® Math students. In my experience with my children, which you can replicate it in your home, the school [...]

Level Up Your Child’s Learning with Fun Games!

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Play FUN math games and watch the learning begin. If there is one thing I know about kids, it’s that they love to play. Play sports, play video games, play imagination games, play board games, play, play, play! And the more they have fun playing the games, the more often they want to do it. Imaging doing the same with your child’s math skills. Leveling up the games they already love to include learning just revs up the memory [...]

What is Math Mindfulness®?

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What is Mindfulness? This is the first question kids answer while participating in the Math Mindfulness® programs.  Many answers include calm, yoga, deep breathing, focus, meditation and relaxation.  In today’s world, this is how most people think of being mindful. However, mindful is actually being present or aware in the moment.  (See the definition in the downloadable Mini-Poster). Can you be mindful when you are skydiving, scuba diving, bike riding with the family or baking in the kitchen? Yes! Being [...]

Olympic Dreams = Fun Math Moments

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Summer Olympics in Tokyo kick off on July 23, 2021 and demonstrate the efforts of incredible athletes in their sport.  But, guess what?  The Olympics relies on math to determine the winners.  How would you know which athlete was the fastest?  Who threw the farthest?  Who scored the most?  Who broke a world record?  Math is everywhere in the Olympic Games, and they offer a perfect opportunity to sharpen a child's math skills this summer. It's a numbers game. Using [...]

Prevent A Summer Slide By Adding Fun

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   Oh, those lazy days of summer.  For many kids, summer is second only to their birthday when it comes to the giddy anticipation over the long break ahead.  Summer is a time when a child’s math proficiency can be on a slippery slide as well.  Add that to the after-effects of learning during the COVID pandemic, and the challenges at home could be compounded this summer.  The Northwest Evaluation Association's MAP Growth assessment predicts that summer slide and COVID [...]

Why Math is So Important for Your Child’s Future?

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This topic is near and dear to my heart.  When I was student teaching, I had a student that planned to be an actor.  “So why do I need to learn math?” was his question almost every day and he would create every excuse to try to get out of homework.  Many kids wonder, “Am I ever going to use math again?” Even more concerning is parents telling their kids that they will never need to use specific math [...]

Our Fun Wise® Journey

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Fun Wise® Math was inspired by my own children. My son was always a fast learner and even faster on his feet. Keeping him challenged academically has been my biggest struggle as a parent. Since preschool, my children have been enrolled in so many different activities to broaden their experiences and strengthen their skills. My son played soccer through middle school, Tae Kwon Do through 5th grade, music from preschool to high school starting with piano, viola and voice [...]