The World is Spinning with Statistics

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The World is Spinning with Statistics Every April, the world celebrates Math Awareness Month and this year’s theme is “Mathematics and Statistics keep the World Spinning”.  To bring the theme to life, I decided to focus on the statistics aspect and share some fun facts (stats) and activities for you to do with your kids. The last couple of years have truly brought about the importance of statistics and how often we see them in our daily lives.  Statistics is [...]

Pi Day Party

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Seven Fun Activities to Celebrate Pi Day! Pi Day 3.14. Math enthusiasts around the world celebrate  every March 14th like it a national holiday.  This day became one of my family’s favorites after celebrating it with my children at their middle school and it opened my eyes on how to make math even more fun for my family and our Fun Wise® Math students. In my experience with my children, which you can replicate it in your home, the school [...]

Why is Math Tutoring beneficial for all kids?

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Tutoring is more than learning math facts for your child. When  people think of math tutoring, most think it’s only for struggling students. In truth,  it can be so much more for every student. My views on math tutoring have changed drastically from my first time tutoring in college to the first time my child needed tutoring and what happened next. Here’s why. In college, I was tutoring children that were struggling in Calculus 1.  I was paid by [...]