Math Training

Bring FUN Engaging Interactive Math Experiences to YOUR Kids!Trainings and Workshops available Online or Onsite

Professional Development Training


Motivate your team to inspire students with a new set of creative teaching techniques and tools. Professional development for educators encompasses innovative strategies for teaching math using the Fun Wise® Math methodology of fun interactive experiences.

Our training allows you to experience fun games while collaborating on multi-sensory techniques that show incredible outcomes with students in the Fun Wise® Math classes. The unique games can be used for brain breaks, rainy days, Physical Education and most importantly – MATH CLASS.

Bring this training to your preschool or elementary school educators at a faculty meeting, teaching team meeting, new teachers training, subject group training or professional day.

Math Mindfulness® Family Workshop

Family Workshop

Be Mindful. Notice Math in our daily lives.
The Fun Wise® Math educators will show you how to turn a normal activity into an extraordinary learning experience.

We’ll provide expert guidance on how to bring learning math to life through teachable moments during everyday experiences at home, in the car, and even on vacation.

Bring a fun family workshop for all caregivers to your school or organization. Creative problem solving and educational games can be applied to many everyday activities including sports, shopping, baking and just playing. Fun Wise® Math instructors will show you how to make learning math fun for your kids!

Bring a Professional Development Training or Family Workshop to your team, families or community to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences with your kids.

Benefits of a Fun Training or Workshop


Inspires engagement with your kids as an educator or family member. Get new ideas on how to turn the mundane into math magic.


Building confidence for you and your kids. So many adults share that they are not math people but they do not want their kids to feel that way. Guess what – it is never too late to learn you are a math person because you use math in your daily lives ALL the time.


A new approach for fun math activities. Interactive math games are great for math class, rainy or snowy days, brain breaks, physical education and just to get your kids exercising their minds and bodies.


Incorporates the latest in brain research. Scientific research shows that multi-sensory techniques increase retention and recall of math facts. The Fun Wise® Math methodology combines visual, auditory and kinesthetic techniques to make learning fun and improve understanding of math concepts.

Fun Wise® Math Training or Workshop FAQs

How long are the trainings or workshops?

Generally, the Fun Wise® Math onsite trainings or workshops are 60-90 minutes sessions. Online trainings and workshops are from 30 – 90 minutes depending on the objectives of the program. Customized programs can be developed based on an organizations requirements or CME requirements. Onsite programs outside the Tampa, Florida area are considered custom programs and include travel expenses. Complete the contact form to get started.

How many people can participate in the program?

For onsite trainings or workshops, it is recommended to have a minimum of 10 and maximum of 50 per session.  Multiple sessions can be booked to accommodate large groups and programs can be customized to meet the needs for each organization.

For online trainings and workshops, it is recommended to have a minimum of 10 participants and maximum of 25 per session for an interactive program and up to 100 for a webinar format.  Multiple sessions can be scheduled in a row with short breaks in-between. It is recommended to have a member of the organization participate as a co-host and moderator.

What is the cost of a training or workshop program?

The cost per person or family will depend on the length of the session, number of participants, online or onsite and number of sessions booked. Onsite locations outside of Tampa, Florida will include travel expenses and be considered custom programs.

Why are these techniques good for the classroom and at home?

The unique Fun Wise® Math methodology brings math to life through fun interactive experiences. Kids are experiencing math at home and in school already so increasing awareness of those teachable moments helps children realize the importance of math in their daily lives.

Why should I do this at home if my kids are learning math at school?

It takes a village to raise a child and building confidence definitely comes from the home. So many of the Fun Wise® Math parents share their own anxieties with math and want to make sure that their children do not feel the same way. You can put aside your own concerns and bring out your enthusiasm to help your children enjoy learning math and be confident about their math skills.  Fun Wise® Math wants to help with our Family Workshops.

How can we help your children succeed? Just ask us.

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