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Tutoring helps your children create a strong math foundation, build confidence, and sets them on a path for a brighter future.

Tutoring is available Online or In-Home (Tampa, FL) for students age 3 years through 5th grade.

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Tutoring Services Are Available 1:1 and for Small Groups. Specializing in Math for children ages 3 years to 5th grade. Online & In-Home (Tampa, FL)

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Share information about your child’s interests and math curriculum to develop the Personal Game Plan.

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See your child’s love of math shine each day building towards a brighter future.

Your child’s “Personal Game Plan” for Academic Success

Fun Wise® Math brings learning math to life by playing fun interactive games. The activities are developed based on your child’s favorite interests and align with your child’s school math curriculum or preferred math topics. Literally and figuratively, each child receives a Personal Game Plan to reach higher academic achievement and WIN in math. Click to learn more about a personal game plan for your child.

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Fun Wise® Math Tutoring Online

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The most fun screen time – educational or play – your child will have all day!

Fun interactive games on their computer to develop your child’s love of math. The key success driver is a Personal Game Plan tailored just for your child based on personal interests and math curriculum. The flexibility of meeting online allows lessons to fit into your busy schedule. Generally, lessons have a scheduled time but can be changed to prepare for a test or for other reasons.

Available across the US for children ages 3 years to 5th Grade.

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Fun Wise® Math Tutoring In-Home

The most fun educational experience your child will have all day!

Fun interactive games that help your child develop a love of math are brought right to your kitchen table. Each instructor uses your child’s Personal Game Plan to help them develop a love of math based on their interests and curriculum.  Lessons are scheduled to meet your family’s busy lifestyle.

Available for children ages 3 years to 5th grade.

Currently only available in South Tampa to Lutz… with plans to expand to meet the growing demand.

Covid protocols have been implemented including masks, social distancing and sanitizing of game materials. Click here for the company Covid Policy.

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Tampa Math Tutors + Virtual Online Math Tutoring Nationwide

Fun Wise® Math Tutoring FAQs

What tutoring services are available from Fun Wise® Math?

Fun Wise® Math specializes in math tutoring for children ages 3 years old to 5th grade. Both online and in-home tutoring are available. However, In-home tutoring is only available in the Tampa, FL area at this time.

What is the Fun Wise® Math methodology?

Fun Wise® Math brings learning math to life through fun interactive experiences to empower a child’s love of math and to elevate their learning trajectory for greater success. Learn more about our methodology

What is the Fun Wise® Math Personal Game Plan?

Each child receives a Personal Game Plan based on their favorite interests and math achievement goals.  Interests may include dinosaurs, unicorns, rocks & minerals or any interests that excites your child to learn.  These fun interests are incorporated into the individualized games designed specifically for your child. Literally and figuratively, each child receives a personalized plan of games that bring their interests to life and teaches the math topics they need to learn.  Parents, teachers and even the students can help to continually update the plan to meet each child’s individual needs.

Is it possible for my child to have individualized attention from a Fun Wise® Math educator?

All tutoring programs are personalized  1-to-1 lessons providing the individualized attention your child deserves.  Custom lessons can be created for small groups or siblings at the same math level or in the same class.

Does Fun Wise® Math work with my child’s teacher or school?

We believe that it takes a village to learn, understand and love math. Fun Wise® Math regularly works with your child’s teachers to understand the topics most needed for review.

How often should my child meet with a tutor?

This depends on the achievement goals for your child.  Generally speaking, most students start at once a week.  If a child is falling behind, we may recommend twice a week.  All programs are individualized so it based on the needs of your child.

How long Is each tutoring session?

Fun Wise® Math develops programs to best meet the needs of your child.  Most online tutoring sessions are 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  Most In-Home tutoring sessions are 60 minutes.

How do we get started with tutoring?

The process begins with a short consultation to understand the needs of your child to improve their math achievement.  The next step is to create a Personal Game Plan including frequency of lessons, online or in-home lessons, day and time based on the child’s schedule, math topics, and all details to create an individualized program for your child.  Please contact us via email, phone or complete the contact form to schedule a consultation.

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