Ms. Carrie is passionate about helping her students learn to love math.

“Our program makes learning fun so kids think they are just playing fun games while they are actually learning math. Nurturing your children’s enthusiasm for learning and creativity brings their critical thinking and problem solving skills to an entirely new level so they can start on a path for even greater success than you imagined.”

Carrie Scheiner, Fun Wise® Math Founder & CEO

Ms Carrie - Founder of Funwise MathCarrie Scheiner was inspired by her own children to develop products and programs that creatively teach math facts through fun interactive games. Ms. Carrie founded Fun Wise® Math bringing her math education background, passion for helping children and corporate expertise together to develop solutions to help kids exercise their minds and bodies. Fun Wise® Math offers programs from toddlers to teens through adults too including enrichment, after school, onsite field trips, professional development, workshops, and special events. The new Math Mindfulness® program engages middle school and high school students to notice math every day. The coronavirus also brought a pandemic pivot, expanding the Fun Wise® Math services to include online and in-home tutoring.

Carrie Scheiner is a graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a secondary education certificate. Carrie earned the Nancy Higginson Dorr award presented to the graduating senior who has demonstrated academic excellence and who shows promise of success as a teacher in secondary education. Ms. Scheiner continued her summer internship experiences by working for AT&T in multiple manager roles from May 1991- March 1998. In 1994, Carrie received her Master’s in Statistics from Rutgers University. From March 1998 to July 1999, Ms. Scheiner worked for a startup CLEC, Logix. In July 1999, Ms. Scheiner moved to Tampa and became the COO of the Scheiner household and was very active volunteering in multiple organizations. In 2009, Ms. Scheiner launched Exploracise with an award-winning DVD, Gymathtics, followed by four award-winning math ball products. In 2014, the business switched to Fun Wise® Math offering services for preschool age children and continues to expand to reach a wider audience each year. Ms. Carrie is passionate and driven to instill a love of math in children from toddlers to teens by making math FUN!

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