What do your children love?

Do your children have a favorite stuffed animal, collect shells or love dinosaurs? Each child’s personal interests are included in a Personal Game Plan to bring learning to life by playing FUN games!

Best Day Ever

The fun rainbow basket toss game is a favorite among sports lovers while teaching addition and subtraction. Your children can have this much fun learning math too.

Tasty Math Learning

Shopping for marshmallows is a fun game that brings learning money to life with a tasty treat too. Your children can have so much fun learning math too.

Fun + Learning = Higher Academic Achievement!

Your Child’s Toys and Treasures Personalize Their Math Success.

Encouraging creative discovery and a love of math through fun interactive experiences is our passion.  All of our tutoring students both online and in-home receive a Personal Game Plan customized to their personal interests and math curriculum or national standards for the grade level.

As children are learning and honing their math skills, their success is monitored to continuously update the Personal Game Plan. Feedback from parents, teachers, and even the student is welcomed and incorporated into the plan.  Many students grow their confidence to even recommend modifications or completely new games. Their smiles and enthusiasm drive the learning process and a love of math.

Fun Wise® Math is passionate about making math fun for your child.  Including their interests and hobbies brings learning to a different level of excitement, enthusiasm and engagement, setting them on a trajectory towards higher academic success and a brighter future.

Math Games - Child holding up triangle to computer screen.

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