Seven Fun Activities to Celebrate Pi Day!

Pi Day 3.14. Math enthusiasts around the world celebrate  every March 14th like it a national holiday.  This day became one of my family’s favorites after celebrating it with my children at their middle school and it opened my eyes on how to make math even more fun for my family and our Fun Wise® Math students.

In my experience with my children, which you can replicate it in your home, the school had a range of fun Pi-related activities they could choose from to earn stickers including reciting digits of Pi, pie eating contests, creating poems, and many more that culminated in throwing whipped cream pies at the math teachers for those that reached the required number of stickers.

While whipped cream pie throwing may be a little extreme, there are many additional fun activities to celebrate this day with your family.

  1. Measure Pi with ordinary household objects

Pi is the ratio of the diameter to the circumference of a circle and used in many calculations related to curved shapes.  A fun way to really show this to a child is to take a round object like a can or hula hoop and a take few measurements to bring Pi to life.  The first is the measurement of the circumference of the object or the outside of the circle.  The second is the diameter of the circle which is the line from one side of the circle to the other while going through the middle of the circle.  The circumference should be about 3.14 times the size of the diameter (circumference = diameter x 3.1415). This works on all size circles and is a fun way to explore the value of Pi.

  1. Pi Day CookieDress the Part

There are many fun Pi Day t-shirts with themes like pirates, pizza pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, chicken pot pie, Cutie Pi, InsPIre, and more.  I do have MANY Pi Day shirts so I try to rotate them different years and try to resist buying more.  In addition to my t-shirts, I have a Pi scarf, necklace, earrings and more.  It is fun to celebrate and show our Pi Day pride.

This day has another special meaning.  Albert Einstein’s Birthday is March 14, 1879, and you could celebrate this day by dressing up as Einstein for extra fun.  What about Einstein in a Pi Day t-shirt for double the fun.

  1. Books about Pi for all ages

There are books for kids and adults talking about Pi and the meaning of Pi.

  1. It’s all about Pie

Time to get your apron on and bake some tasty treats to celebrate Pi Day.  Both pizza pie and dessert pies are a fun way to celebrate.  But, you can take it to the next level by measuring the circumference and diameter of different size pies to see if the diameter x 3.14 is equal to the circumference.  Personally, I am more of a cook then a baker so I am on the lookout for those $3.14 pies on this special day too.  Many pizza places and bakeries get into the theme and offer special pricing on March 14.

  1. Fun Pie Games

Pie eating contests and whipped cream pie throwing are fun activities at many Pi Day celebrations.  Bring that excitement into the home with your own contests or try one of these fun games.

Bring the fun of a whipped cream pie in the face to your Pi Day Celebration with this fun Pie Face game.

For even more excitement, try the Pie Face Showdown

  1. Fun Math Games

There are many fun games that you can do with your kids related to Pi.

  • The most popular is to see how many digits of Pi you can recite.
  • Write a math poem with Three words, one word, four words, one word, five words
  • Circle of Gratitude – cut out different size circles, measure the diameter, calculate the circumference, and write why you are grateful for circles in the center.
  1. Take a tripFamily Pi Day in NYC

Many children’s museums, science museums and The Museum of Math in NYC have celebrations and activities for Pi Day.  Check your local museums or plan a trip to NYC to get the full math experience.  My family visited the Museum of Math with my children’s middle school on March 14, 2015, for a very special Pi Day representing the first digits of Pi 3.1415.  It was a magical day of memories that we will always treasure.

This year March 14 is on a Monday.  I hope your children have a fun celebration at school and at home.  For my family, we will be on Spring Break but I will still be wearing one of my Pi t-shirts.  I’ll also be on the lookout for all those $3.14 price specials for pizza and pie.  Happy Fun Wise® Pi Day!

Ms. Carrie
Founder & CEO, Fun Wise® Math