The Fun Wise® Math Impact: In Their Own Words

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“Ms. Carrie, thank you so much for offering math class virtually…and three times a week! My son really looks forward to it and I have seen such an improvement! I hear him yelling out answers that I don’t even know! He exercises his brain and body and has so much fun while doing it. It’s a great way to get the wiggles out and learn at the same time AND it keeps him engaged for about 45 minutes (which means mama gets a quick break). I am so impressed by your team and just wanted to drop a quick thanks for your efforts in keeping our children engaged and interested in mathematics, even from home!”

Proud Parent, Amy Gail Buchman Preschool

“Fun Wise Math is a great program for kids to learn math in a fun way through games. My 3 year old really enjoys their classes.”

Proud Parent, Camp Doublemint Class

“My 4 year old daughter has been attending Fun Wise Math for over a year, and she has learned so much while still having so much fun! The way Ms. Carrie and Ms. Gaby incorporate physical activity with math motivates my daughter and gets her excited to learn. I enjoy the advice on take home activities so I can continue her learning at home. The class is fun, challenging yet age appropriate, and always entertaining. Ms. Carrie’s and Ms. Gaby’s passion for math and teaching are seen consistently, and I can tell they are just as excited as I am when my daughter learns something new. We look forward to attending many more sessions!”

Proud Parent, Lutz Branch Library Program

“My daughter is in the Fun Wise Math enrichment class once a week at her preschool and absolutely loves it. On those days when I ask her to tell me her favorite part of the day, it’s not usual for her to say math class (which is a HUGE compliment since Friday is also Pizza Day!) Ms. Carrie introduces the kids to math concepts in an age-appropriate and fun way. And her lessons seem to stick. Several times I have been surprised by my daughter doing something math-related that seems too advanced for a 5-year-old: skip counting, adding and subtracting quickly in her head, naming complex shapes, etc. I’m so glad she is gaining confidence and enjoyment working with numbers.  Thanks Ms. Carrie!”

Proud Parent, Amy Gail Buchman Preschool

5 Star Google Reviews

“Ms. Carrie does an excellent job of engaging the children in their math studies through fun interactive experiences! Our son looks forward to each lesson and we would highly recommend her! “

Proud Parent, Espiritu Santo Catholic School

“The teacher was very helpful and thorough with my kids. They improved their skills and tested much better after their teaching. Thanks a bunch, FunWise Math!”

Proud Parent, St. John's Episcopal School

“Fun Wise Math is an excellent program. It incorporates math, music and movement. The program is entertaining and educational.”

Proud Parent, Camp Doublemint Class

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