Summer Camps

Summer math review is critical to prevent a regression of facts learned during the school year. Without reinforcing their learning, studies show that most children lose about two months of math skills during the summer.

Math Star Camp
Kindergarten – 2nd grade

Kids jumping up and down

A great way for kids to learn to LOVE MATH is to bring learning math to life through fun activities and movement!  Exercising minds and bodies through fun interactive games engages campers in understanding the math concepts. The Fun Wise® Math methodology explores learning math through physically active games, stories, and songs to make learning math fun, increase retention and build a strong foundation. Campers are having so much fun playing games that they hardly realize they are learning math.

Math Mindfulness® Camp
5th – 8th grade

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Be Mindful. Notice Math in our daily lives. Campers will learn about math in their everyday world with different themes each day including Sports, Shopping, Art and much more.  This interactive hands-on camp increases awareness of how important math is for everything we do. Career exploration and Math myth busting will also be topics discussed in this fun creative camp. The Fun Wise® Math methodology brings learning to life through fun interactive experiences and Math Mindfulness® Questions.  Campers will have so much fun they may bring the fun questions home too!

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Bring a summer camp to your child’s school or organization. A custom camp or online camp can be developed for your kids. Complete the contact form to get started and discover the possibilities.

Fun Wise® Summer Camp FAQs

Where can I enroll my children in summer camp?

For summer 2021, Math Star and Math Mindfulness® camps are offered at Camp IDS in Tampa, FL.  Each camp is a weekly half day camp offered on specific weeks during the summer.  For more information and to register, visit

https://www.corbettprep.com/community/camp-ids. Space is limited.

A custom camp or online camp can be developed for your kids.  Complete the contact form to schedule a consultation and discover the possibilities.

What is a summer math camp?

The Fun Wise® math camps are a weeklong camp that brings learning math to life through fun interactive experiences.  Camps are half days and are hosted at schools or locations as part of their camp program. Your children will review critical math fact fundamentals by playing games and having fun to prevent a summer slide in their learning.

Can I register my child for multiple weeks of summer camp?

Definitely! Many campers enroll in Math Star Camp for multiple weeks to reinforce the math facts taught during camp.  Every week has different dynamics so the same topics are covered but a variety of games are included to foster learning and fun.

Why should I sign up my child for a math summer camp?

Math is a learned skill and the more exposure children have to math at an early age the better their skills will be.  Scientific research shows children can lose up to two months of math knowledge during summer months leading to a summer slide.  Math review during the summer can prevent a summer slide and get campers ahead.

The Fun Wise® Math camp curriculums makes learning math fun through interactive experiences.  Our focus at camp is fun exploring math so children learn through guided discovery for increasing retention of math facts, building confidence, and sparking creativity.

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