Party Planning Guide

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It’s time to celebrate a birthday, holiday, or just a fun get together. This Party Planning Guide brings math to life by thinking of all the fun details needed to plan the BEST PARTY EVER!! The kids can be involved in every detail from the number of guests, planning the menu, and even searching for fun entertainment.  Your children will be exercising their critical thinking and math skills to create a party to remember.  Super fun family activity for [...]

A Week of Gratitude

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This fun activity is for the entire family.  Everyone can take seven days to notice math in our daily activities and appreciate how math makes those activities even better. Did the kids earn money, spend an hour playing with friends, reach a high score in a video game, score the winning goal or basket, bake cookies, walk a mile with the family?  All of these experiences include math and it is great to show the connection between math, daily [...]

Level Up Your Child’s Learning with Fun Games!

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Play FUN math games and watch the learning begin. If there is one thing I know about kids, it’s that they love to play. Play sports, play video games, play imagination games, play board games, play, play, play! And the more they have fun playing the games, the more often they want to do it. Imaging doing the same with your child’s math skills. Leveling up the games they already love to include learning just revs up the memory [...]